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softcore_veg's Journal

Softcore Veg*
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For the people reducing animal product consumption. The ones that may "cheat" every so often. The ones that have made distinctions in what they eat or buy that might not agree with PETA or whatever veg* society. For those that have decided that for now they'll reduce but not eliminate due to other issues. For those who don't support massive factory farms but support local farms. For those still deciding. Tired of getting attacked or misunderstood? Tired of arrogance on all sides? Welcome.

This is not a community for debating what qualifies something as an 'animal product' or someone as vegetarian, vegan, etc. If you disagree with how someone else defines such things for themselves, you can both agree to continue it elsewhere, or agree to disagree and move on.

What is this community for? Recipes, product/store/restaurant reviews, discussion and support in trying new things or making tough decisions.