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Problems with Jasmine Rice

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I really like the nutty under taste that jasmine rice has. The problem I have is cooking it. It always burns if I follow the package directions.

We have 5 different types of rice in the house right now and all of them have different cooking instructions. They differ in the water rice ratios, the cooking time, the resting time and if the rice is added before or after the water is brought to a boil. All the other rice works just fine if I follow the package directions. The jasmine rice does not.

On Friday Robin and Marlene used jasmine rice in their dinner. They also burned the first batch. The second they doubled the amount of liquid and it was sticky but did not burn.

So with two different brands of jasmine rice that we had on hand I tried a bit of experimenting in the kitchen this morning. Six setups, all 1/2 cup batches of rice. Using the amount of water each package called for 5/8 of a cup for one and 3/4 cups for the other brand. I prepared them in three ways: Rice rinsed and left standing in clean water for 5 minutes; not rinsed with butter added; and rinsed with butter added. Maybe I should go back and do a rinsed standing with butter added. Yet I do not think I would get different results.

Looking at the information on the Internet for jasmine rice it indicates that it should be less sticky than other types of rice and that the water ratios on the packages are typical.

All the tests failed. That is to say that the rice ended up scorched and at least to me to be under watered. It ends up being very sticky, only a little less so when the butter was used. Oddly the rice that was rinsed and soaked in clean water was the stickiest for both brands. The rinsed but not left in water for 5 minutes was the least sticky for both brands.

I have tried making the jasmine rice in different pots with varied height to width ratios and material/coating types. The taller more slender pot with a non stick coating works best, as it does for other rice types, yet it still has the same general results, under watered and/or scorched.

Kelly and Cindy have made jasmine rice using a dedicated rice cooker and have gotten the same type of results we have.

Brand A
1/2 cup of rice, 5/8 cup water, add rice bring to a boil covered, add 1 Tbs butter (optional but recommenced), simmer covered at lowest heat to maintain simmer 20 minutes, rest 10 minutes, fluff.

Brand B
1/2 cup of rice, 3/4 cup water, 1/2 Tbs butter (optional), add rice bring to a boil uncovered, simmer covered 25 minutes with low heat, rest 10 minutes, fluff.

Cheri has been doubling the amount of liquid called for on the package when cooking the jasmine rice. While it is still sticky it does not scorch and uses up all the liquid.

Around here jasmine rice runs 2 to 2 1/2 time the price of other rice so it would be nice to know how to prepare it right.

So what are we doing wrong?

Why can't we follow the package directions and get a good batch of Jasmine rice?

Any hints on this would be well received.

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