Miss Celie of the North (evilcresyluna) wrote in softcore_veg,
Miss Celie of the North

salsa rice + lime seitan

Rice and seitan cooking time: 1 hour.
Combining time: 15 minutes, at most.

Cook 1 cup brown rice (to make 3 cups cooked) until almost ready, when it gets to that "let stand for ten minutes" part, add pineapple salsa (about 16oz, or to taste) and let stand.
Prepare seitan as directed here, using 1/4 of the total amount made. Slice and saute in margarine until crispy on each side. Add about 1tbsp. lime juice and cook another 3-4 minutes until juice is absorbed.
Personally, I like to chop the seitan up into pieces and mix into the rice, so it comes as an occasional BURST of lime, but you don't have to. And is occasionally nice with vegan cooking to have meals requiring a knife.

If you happen to have 3 cups of cooked rice on hand, that works just as well. Use a bit less (maybe 1/4 less) salsa if you use white rice.
You don't HAVE to use pineapple salsa, just happens to be one I like.
You can substitute whatever you like for margarine, I bet olive oil would work fine.
Prepared 'faux meats' that would be good: plain wheat meat. Veat. I don't particularly like the Morning Star "chicken" meal starter strips, but if you do, they'd probably work. LifeLite ones probably taste good, though.
You could add garlic (chopped, when sauteing) or cilantro, if you want another flavor in there.
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