Miss Celie of the North (evilcresyluna) wrote in softcore_veg,
Miss Celie of the North

Follow Your Heart

The other day, my boyfriend (Chris, omnivore) and our to-be roommate (Sarah, vegetarian) were out foraging for dinner at the local Wegman's. We decided to make some noodles and "cheese" with broccoli and some ground "beef."
Wegman's doesn't sell that boxed noodle and "cheese" stuff, and I didn't like it the one time I had it anyway. We decided to try Follow Your Heart brand cheddar.
Now I'd tried Follow Your Heart once before and rated it "okay" - not really worth the price and out of the package, tastes exactly the same as what I can make with Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. So, cooked the noodles and the broccoli, and everyone tried a sliver of Follow Your Heart:
Chris: Blech!
Sarah: It's uh, kind of slimey.
Me: And grainy.
But, being adventurous, Sarah and I chopped it up and added it to some margarine, then threw in some basil for good measure.
Added it to the noodles and broccoli, and threw in some veggie crumbles. YUMMY. Tastes like actual cheddar cheese sauce. Still pricey, and only for special treats, but DANG that tasted good. Even Chris voted it a success.

Now I need to re-try some of those Ultimate Uncheese block cheeses, see if they melt into tasty.
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