Miss Celie of the North (evilcresyluna) wrote in softcore_veg,
Miss Celie of the North


I use way too much of this stuff. One day I'll get around to growing it, as I've killed two plants of it and even if I buy the fresh I tend to not get to half of it and subsequently feel bad about wasting it.

Anyway, the other day I made some of the SoyBoy raviolis, then fried them in olive oil (a perfect way to make a very healthy food less healthy) until crispy, then added some lemon juice and basil and cooked just until thick. SO GOOD.

Yesterday - and I finished eating today - I made whole wheat pasta, some pesto (from Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook) and steamed some broccoli and edamame - tossed together to make a delightfully green meal.
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